This display will feature the forces of Chaos, (of the Warhammer 40k universe, during the Horus Heresy) at their mightiest. With masses of heretical Space Marines and mighty Khornate daemons in all their wrath. I will go on to explain how I will achieve the atmosphere and aesthetic I want in great detail later on in this post. The display board is to be created for the purposes of entering into the Armies on Parade competition, held by Games Workshop, and to show the world what I can do as a modeller and painter. It will be an extremely time consuming and challenging process, which will probably take a year or more to complete. This will, for the most part, be a solo project, but I will call upon the help of a family member for the construction process of the framework (as I do not have the equipment or expertise in that department). This construction process will include suspending one two-foot by two-foot board directly over another board of the same dimensions. The top level will depict a destroyed cityscape, with crushed buildings, craters and mountains of rubble; the bottom level will depict the subterranean network of a vast hive city and the darkest, most hostile fighting environment imaginable. The build will require a great deal of motivation, as there will be a lot of repetitive work to be done, particularly when it comes to the masses of models I want to squeeze onto the display, that is why I have decided to start up this blog, to keep me dedicated. The creation of the terrain will be the easiest, and most enjoyable part of this project, but I am also quite keen on the model construction and painting process as well. In the following sections I will delve into my ideas on the layout, backstory and logistics of completing this display, one level at a time.




The bottom level of the display will represent the Chaos aligned Space Marines forcing themselves through the maze of corridors and bulwarks of a major hive city. They will be Marines of the World Eaters Legion, a legion which is known for its ferocity in battle and effectiveness in close quarters combat. This legion often makes use of Breacher Siege Squads and their unique Rampager Squads, both of which I will be using in this part of the display. The Breacher Siege Marines will be in formation positions at the front, followed by a horde of Rampagers behind them. In amongst these troops will be the Legion Command to represent their leadership structure and a couple of Rapier Weapons Batteries to act as detachments for the Breacher Siege Squads.
The board itself will be covered with Zone Mortalis hollow resin tiles in order to achieve the gloomy, subterranean, maze-like effect. Much debris and destruction will be evident and bodies will be littering the scene, everything will be very dark and gothic, a stark contrast to the bright white and blue colour scheme of the World Eaters themselves. The debris will be made up of Plastkard pieces and some Games Workshop bits, and the bodies will be made up of Chaos Cultist and Blood Angels models. The whole effect is meant to highlight the army, and also to get across a true sense of what it would be like, in this time, in this fantasy universe. All of what I have described so far will be transpiring in the main chamber of the Zone Mortalis Complex, in the other rooms I will make smaller scenes depicting other segregated parts of the struggle between the forces of Chaos and the Imperium. In these other rooms I plan on showing Chaos Cultists fighting against Marines of the Blood Angels Legion. The Blood Angels will be painted in a deep red (the same as the daemons on the top level) as to not clash with anything else, and the Chaos Cultists will be wearing dark clothing of various colours.



The top level will show the forces of Chaos at their most powerful, crushing an Imperial hive world under their boots. The models will be pouring down a slope of rubble and crushed buildings, which have been obliterated by relentless orbital bombardments. The most outstanding models in this section of the display will be Horus the Warmaster, Azekyle Abaddon and the Bloodthirster model by Forge World. The massive Bloodthirster will be at the very back corner of the display, on the highest peek, to his left will be a horde of lesser deamons of Khorne pouring forth, some riding upon Juggernaughts, some on foot. On the other side of the display will be Horus the Warmaster, surrounded by his Justaerin Terminators and accompanied by his most favoured son, Azekyle Abaddon. These models will be surrounded on all sides by masses of Sons of Horus Reavers and a few Sons of Horus Contemptor Dreadnoughts.
This aspect of the display will be focussing on the deep red and pitch black of the Khorne Daemons and the Sons of Horus respectively. The display around them will be a neutral grey for the most part, in order to give the dark models a chance to stand out. The board will mostly be made up of insulation foam and cork strips in order to make the rubble effect as well as quite a few Games Workshop terrain pieces (such as the Shrine of the Aquila and Basilica Administratum kits) for the destroyed cityscape effect. There will be many different levels and sloping areas to connect them. The lowest level will be mostly rubble and debris, then there will be a slope leading up past a row of Shrine of the Aquila kits put together, which will be followed by a rocky outcrop which shoots forward, and lastly a row of Basilica Administratum kits put together to make the highest level. As I have stated the Bloodthirster model will be on the highest point (on top of the Basilica Administratum kits) surrounded by lesser daemons. On the next level down (the rocky outcrop) there will be six Bloodcrushers of Khorne rampaging forward, surrounded, again, by lesser daemons. On the level below that one (on top of Shrine of the Aquila kits) will be a few lesser Khornate daemon, some Sons of Horus Reavers and a Sons of Horus Contemptor Dreadnought. On the lowest level (which will be sloping and irregular) will be the rest of the army of Daemons and Sons of Horus. The reason for all these different levels is for the scenic effect, and so that I can squeeze as many models onto the display as possible, without it looking too overcrowded. I will attempt to integrate the models bases completely with the display to have a near seamless aesthetic, this will hopefully be made easy by the use of cork, but may become problematic when it comes to the buildings. I will try to use a lot of gold and brilliant blues on the buildings to help give the idea of a once beautiful Imperial city, which has been defiled so cruelly by the forces of Chaos.


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